Why REX?

First & Foremost

ONE Team Concept

We believe that the entire project team, including the owner, architects, engineers, trade partners, and community are all on the same team and that a “rising tide lifts all boats”. We seek out the team-win and win together by helping each other.

Engineering Partnership

Additionally, our partnerships with our sister companies, REX Engineering Group and REX Technology Solutions. Our “in-house” structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing) engineering enhances the client experience, accelerates timelines, & provides more value engineering.

We often utilize our engineering teammates to consult on the best methods to construct aspects of a project and to have another way of looking at the project, even if our engineering team is not on the design team.


As you may have guessed, having a Technology company at our side, we’re much more tech-savvy than our peers. We utilize technology that you’d expect to only see at a global construction company. Soon, we’ll start using proprietary technology at all of our jobsites.

40+ Year History

We’re a young company with roots dating back 4 decades, yet operate as a start-up. This is not the company where you hear, “we’ve always done it that way”. We utilize our team’s experience to prevent and tackle challenges and iterate our processes to continually improve.

Seasoned Builders

REX Construction is stacked with talent -- we’ve built a team of experts to build challenging and complex construction projects that grow our community. They came to REX Construction to do something different – focus on our clients and people – our mission is “Building People.”

REX is a different breed of construction companies.

We believe in ONE team across the project including the owner, architects, engineers, trade partners, and the community. We all win together!

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