It all starts with preconstruction and “precon” can make or break a construction project – luckily, we’re experts at preconstruction.

Why do we value preconstruction so heavily?

Preconstruction lays a solid foundation for the construction project because we’re able to share our vast building expertise to make important decisions that maximize the project’s efficiency and minimize potential obstacles during the project.

Although involving a builder in the design phase may sound more expensive, having an experienced construction company like REX more than pays for itself because 95% of the savings opportunities happen before a shovel hits the ground. (Don’t worry if your design phase is already done. When we’re “only” a general contractor, we still go through our preconstruction processes, but we can’t make as significant of an impact.)

When we can work with the design team early, you’ll get a higher quality of work, waste less materials, have fewer budget fluctuations, and an expedited schedule so you can get a faster return on your investment.

The key aspect of preconstruction is being proactive. Getting ahead of issues such as design conflicts, material shortages, subcontractor schedules, etc. that can drastically affect design decisions and shape the outcome of the project, including the client’s satisfaction.

It is never too early to talk to our preconstruction team about your next project. Contact us to discuss your project’s feasibility, get initial cost estimates and timelines, and we’ll give you ideas to get the best return on your investment.

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