In those instances where architectural design has already been completed, REX Construction provides General Contracting services.

General Contractor Services

We’ll manage the entire construction phase from inception through closeout, working with the owner, design team, and trade partners (subcontractors) to deliver your project as efficiently and timely as possible, drawing on our decades of experience.

Our knowledgeable team of project executives and superintendents are masters at project scheduling, working diligently to keep the project on track and smoothly moving ahead.

Before breaking ground, we discuss the project’s goals and objectives with the owner to get a full understanding of the building’s intent. We also do an in-depth review of the designs and plans to develop an accurate scope, schedule, and budget. During this investigation phase, we’ll identify any anticipated obstacles and provide potential solutions.

Throughout the project, we’ll continue to look for cost and time-saving measures by talking with our project team, walking the jobsite, and collaborating with our in-house engineering team.   

Additionally, we utilize the latest technology to manage the project, stay on top of the project schedule, and capture and document progress to keep you informed at every step.

If your design is done or nearly completed, let’s discuss potential solutions to streamline your timeline and budget, and to enhance your project.

Modern Day Master Builder

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