When time matters most, Fast Track Construction takes the Design-Build model to the next level and provides you the keys to your building even faster.

How is Fast Track Construction really different?

The concept is actually quite simple — Fast Track Construction means starting construction before the final design is completed. If you can get a significantly better return on your investment by utilizing your building sooner, this option may be ideal.

This expedited construction delivery method differs from Design-Build, which does not start construction until all the designs are completed. Fast Track Construction requires an experienced construction manager to work hand-in-hand with the owner and design team during the design phase (preconstruction) to help guide the design, schedule, and budget.

Because of our vast preconstruction expertise, we love these fast track projects where we are engaged earlier in the process because we can make the biggest impact for our clients with value engineering. Expediating construction schedules and maximizing budgets have always been part of our culture.

Looking to expedite your project schedule? Let’s discuss your goals and project to see if Fast Track is the right solution.

Modern Day Master Builder

We blend quality craftmanship and superior project management with technology, offering our clients a better build and experience.

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