One of the best methods to maximize the benefits of preconstruction is us working side-by-side with the design team, known as Design-Build.

Why is Design-Build so impactful?

By overlapping the design and construction phases of the project, we can considerably expedite the overall delivery schedule while providing more value engineering than when we’re only involved in the build phase.

Additionally, this method offers the owner a “one-stop” approach for the entire project. The owner holds a contract with a single responsible party that manages both the design and construction, thus reducing the client’s risk. Often, REX Construction leads the design-build team, partnering with a regional architectural firm with vast expertise in the specific building type scoped and an engineering team like our sister company, REX Engineering Group.


The design-build delivery method has grown in popularity over the past decade due to the enhanced communication and collaboration across the team. The owner is a team member, not the go-between for the design and build teams.

This approach also leads to more innovation and value engineering while minimizing work change orders and scheduling delays because it pairs the design and build teams together during preconstruction. From inception to completion, design-build projects run smoother and provide a better experience for everyone involved, especially the project owner.

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