Like Design-Build, Construction Management provides all the preconstruction cost and time savings through value engineering while putting us and our client on the “same side of the table”.

How is Construction Management different?

With this approach, the project owner hires REX Construction to manage the entire project as if we were the owner. As the construction manager, we manage the day-to-day like a traditional general contractor with the added responsibility and trust of making financial decisions on behalf of the owner. This method creates much less friction between the owner and the construction team.

Most construction managers have an “open book” relationship with the owner where they’re transparent with the budget, timeline, and progress and work on an agreed-upon percentage of the overall construction costs. Or, as the construction manager, we will agree to a two-stage or progressive contracting model, where we have an agreed-upon consulting fee for preconstruction. Once the project is better defined, they will create a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or not-to-exceed price.

This method is ideal for fast-track projects where decisions need to be made by someone actively managing the project and who is frequently onsite.

Thinking of engaging a construction manager for your next project, then we should talk. We can ensure your project running smoothly and you get the most value for your budget.

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