Mixed Use & Adaptive Reuse


Mixed Use & Adaptive Reuse Construction

We build spectacular places where people work, play, shop, eat, & live, all without crossing the street.

Whether it is an urban revitalization or a suburban community built from the ground up, we’ve seen and done it all. Bringing these “micro communities” to fruition is a passion for our team and one that requires a lot of hard work, skillful planning, and experts at scheduling due to their size, location, and multiple usages.

Mixed Use & Adaptive Reuse Experience


One of the best methods to maximize the benefits of preconstruction is us working side-by-side with the design team, known as Design-Build.

Construction Management

Providing all the preconstruction cost and time savings through value engineering while putting us and our client on the “same side of the table”.

General Contractor

When the architectural design is complete, REX oversees the entire build phase from groundbreaking to close out.

With large-scale complex projects like most mixed-use and adaptive reuse construction projects usually are, we want to start early in the process. Usually, we work hand-in-hand with the developers and architects on feasibility analyses, which may include different building materials (steel, timber, precast concrete), thinking critically about how each square foot is utilized, or unique ways to phase projects.

Our team partners with clients to efficiently use their construction budget, expedite construction schedules, and, ultimately give our clients a strong return on their investment swiftly without cutting corners. 

Let’s talk about the different options you have on your next Mixed-Use or Adaptive Reuse project – our innovative solutions tend to surprise even veteran developers. 

Vast experience building mixed use and adaptive reuse projects

Our team’s expertise includes numerous large-scale adaptive reuse renovations and mixed use properties. 

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