Written for ABC Central Florida’s Women in Construction Week Celebration:

At REX, our culture is to always question the status quo so we seek out diversity to “bring new ideas to the table”. We’re pleased to have women in multiple facets of our business including operations, business development, accounting, marketing, and administration.

When asked about their experience working in construction:

Tammy Mercer, Project Assistant, said, “It’s a positive experience with lots of opportunity and room to grow in this field. It’s rewarding to see projects come together and be a part of that process.”

Jennifer Spear, Receptionist, added, “Everyone has a part in the [building] process, and it is exciting to see how it all comes together. Visiting the job sites and actually seeing the project being built is definitely a highlight of the day.”

Beth Jankowski, Estimator, shares this advice, “I wish women considering working in the construction industry knew how important it is to have women leaders to look up to. Find a mentor to give you professional advice and grow your industry confidence. Women mentoring women is so important, especially in a male-dominated field.”

Kory Kreul, VP Operations – Orlando, noted, “As a construction leader and a father of a young girl, I’m encouraged by the growing number of women entering the industry each year. Women continually make the construction industry better.”

Jennifer sums it up well saying, “Women need to know that they bring skills and knowledge to the industry. Being diverse benefits the whole industry.”

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