Provide oversight and supervision of Project Superintendents to ensure organizational standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, as set by Company are followed.

General Superintendent

  • Assist Management, as directed, in recruiting and hiring new Superintendents.
  • General Superintendent will have administrative responsibility for all superintendents, including allocation of supervision to jobs in conjunction with the Executive Management Team, training, safety, evaluations, and adherence to company procedures.
  • Maintain Quality Control Alert Book for field and management level reference. Provide feedback to Directors of Operations and Chief Executive Officer about field problems and solutions.
  • Will prepare for Superintendents’ meetings with assigned chairperson and will represent Superintendents at other departmental meetings.
  • Policies and Procedures – Will provide guidance to the Supervisory Teams in matters relating to new and existing policies and procedures.
  • Administration responsibilities for Superintendents and crew members including:
    • Conduct quarterly reviews of superintendents and assist in yearly evaluations with the assigned Director of Operations.
    • Organize and maintain training programs for supervisors. Continuous education programs to include: safety, first aid and CPR, leadership skills, and computer skills.
  • Company policy such as hours of work, procedures, and conflicts of interest. Superintendents’ vacation and time off approvals will be coordinated and approved by assigned Directors of Operations.
  • New Personnel may be assigned to the General Superintendent for direct oversight during their training period.
  • Project Closeout – Assist Project Managers and Superintendents in preparing the final punch list, as needed or requested.
  • Responsible for the transfer of information from office/management levels to field supervisors. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.